Society gearing up for Black Comedy

The Society are moving into top gear and putting the polish into their forthcoming production of the hilarious sixties farce Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer.
First performed in 1965 Black Comedy is, suitably enough, a black comedy in which the effect loss of light would have on a group of people who all hold things from each other is explored. The farce is set in a London flat during an electrical blackout, and is written to be staged under a reversed lighting scheme: that is, the play opens on a darkened stage, then a few minutes into the show "a fuse blows", the stage lights come up, and the characters are seen shambling around apparently invisible to one another.
Brindsley Miller and his fiancee Carol Melkett have "borrowed" some posh furniture from neighbour Harold Gorringe's flat in order to impress Carol's father, Colonel Melkett. Brindsley, an artist, is afraid that the Colonel will not give up his daughter to a starving artist. Things go awry when the lights go out, leaving Brindsley helpless as characters arrive, one by one. First is Brindsley's elderly neighbour, Miss Furnival. Colonel Melkett, unimpressed by the blackout, arrives, and Brindsley's worst nightmare comes true as Harold returns early, and Brindsley tries desperately to return the furniture without Harold noticing.
The play runs from Wednesday 16th to Saturday 19th November in the Lochside Leisure Centre in Forfar.  Tickets costing £8 for adults, £6 for concessions and £25 for a family ticket of 2 adults and 2 concessions are on sale at the box office in the Toy Castle, 86 Castle Street, Forfar.  Tickets for the Wednesday night show are offered at the concession rate of £6 for everyone.
If you are unable to go to the Toy Castle, you can reserve tickets by emailing stating the number required and for which night.  The tickets can then be picked up and paid for at the door.

Don't Forget The Blog

Our Forfar Tales project is gathering momentum.

There is general information here on the site, but if you really want to keep right up to date, visit

Forfar Tales Update

The Society is making good progress with its Forfar tales project.

For more information, go to the Current Production page.

And watch out for exciting news on the script soon!

Carbon Reduction Advice for Halls

Forfar Dramatic Society is offering local community halls the opportunity to find out how to reduce their fuel bills and their carbon footprint.

For many years the Society has been planning the refurbishment of their club-rooms to provide a warm rehearsal and performance space for their members and other groups looking for a suitable venue.

Last year the Society managed to get a grant from Angus Council to pay for loft insulation in the building.

This year the Society is applying to the Climate Challenge Fund to insulate the walls and floor of the hall with a view to installing a sustainable heating system.

“We have had a lot of advice on how to proceed with insulating a large stone built building and we would like to share that knowledge with any other halls in a similar position” said the Society’s President Neil Paterson. “Newer brick built buildings are relatively easy to insulate with cavity wall insulation. Unfortunately keeping an older building warm and reduce bills and carbon emissions can be more challenging.”

The Society would like to invite interested members from any other local organisation to view their club-rooms to get advice on how to approach insulating an older large stone built hall by phoning their Building Convenor Robert Kidd for a tour on 01307 462701.

Tall tales and magnificent memories

Forfar Tales – the exciting new Forfar Dramatic Society production is gathering momentum and the Society would love you to get involved.

The project will come to a climax in mid-May, when the Society presents a brand new theatre piece developed from stories told and memories shared by Forfar folk.

So far, the Society has staged a Forfar Tales quiz, a story cafe and a dance cafe, all of which were designed to generate materials for the show. And they were effective. Many surprising stories emerged.

The FDS Youth Theatre is also very involved in the project. Young members have been participating in workshops exploring different aspects of life in the town. They’ve also been out and about interviewing family and friends, to hear and record the tales they had to tell.

And if all that isn’t enough, the Society has developed a blog, which gives everyone the opportunity to swap stories. Which is where you come in.

You can access the blog at

Follow that link and you’ll be able to read the many contributions already made. You’ll also be able to add your own stories or comment on those already posted. So please, help Forfar Dramatic Society create a memorable piece of theatre, by adding to the rich stream of stories and memories that will make up the script.

If blogging is not your thing, you can email stories and reminiscences to

And if email isn’t your preferred method of communication, you can send stories to Forfar tales, Forfar Dramatic Society, 132 East High Street, Forfar.

Of course, joining in with the story telling is only one of the ways that you can be part of this exciting project.

Anyone with an interest in performing would be very welcome. Rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm in Forfar Dramatic Society’s Club-rooms at 132 East High Street. The Society would be delighted to welcome new members along any Tuesday evening.

Finally, you’ll be able to be part of Forfar Tales by going along to the show in May and enjoying the entertainment. Further details of performances and ticket prices will be available soon.

Dance Cafe

Tuesday 8 February was the date for the Forfar Tales Dance Cafe at Strathmore Cricket Club.

Members met to learn some of the dances from previous generations and chat with each other about dance, music and memories.

Images from the night are on the Forfar Dramatic Blog.

Some of the stories will be added to the blog soon.

Join the Dance Cafe

The next event in our Forfar Tales Project is a Dance Cafe to be held at Strathmore Cricket Club on Tuesday 8 February at 7.30pm.

Why not come along and join in the fun?

All will be welcome and will be able to share in some dance crazes of the last 80 years and swap stories about, dance, music and much more.

For further information, email

Next Workshop

The next youth theatre workshop is on Sunday 6 February and will be part of the Forfar Tales Project.

The workshop will be in the Clubrooms at 132 East High Street Forfar and new members aged 11 years and over are welcome.

Story Cafe

On Tuesday 1 February,  a successful Story cafe took place at Strathmore Cricket Club. To see the video and hear a brand new song from Neil Paterson, visit the Forfar Tales blog.

When there, you might also want to check out some of the stories posted there and even add your own.

Successful Story Cafe

Members and friends of the Society took part in a very successful Story Cafe event on 1st February 2011.

To find out what they thought about it and offer your views if you were there, go to our poll at <strong>[polldaddy poll=4504285]

We now have a new blog for Forfar Dramatic Society, which we will use to keep everyone informed about our activities. It will also help our members, friends and audience to keep in touch with us and each other.

The blog has been set up to coincide with the launch of our latest project - Forfar Tales.

Between January and May 2011, we will be writing our own script, based on people's memories of the last 80 years - that's how long Forfar Dramatic Society has been around.

We want to make it possible for as many people as possible to contribute by sharing their stories and reminiscences. That's where the blog comes in.

For more information about how to do this, and to see the stories that others have posted, 
go to the blog.

GEEKs Triumph in the Forfar Tales Quiz

Four teams fought out the Forfar Tales quiz on Tuesday 25 January 2011, with the GEEKs coming out on top.

They were Grahame, Elaine, Erin and Kay; congratulations to them.

Four members of the youth theatre came along to take part, so the quiz achieved its first objective - bringing the two sections of FDS together.

It was also successful in gathering some information for our script. Watch out for material appearing on our blog over the next few days about favourite toys and games, world events, favourite teachers and preferred spots in Forfar. You can then add your own thoughts.

For those who weren't able to attend the quiz, the questions and answers.are available on the blog at

Forfar Tales Quiz

The next event in the Forfar Tales project is a quiz to be held at Strathmore Cricket Club, on Tuesday 25 January 2011, at 7.30pm.

The quiz is open to members and friends of the club and will test their knowledge of the past 80 years. Along the way, there will be some opportunities to swap stories and reminisce about living and working in the area across that period.

Please come along. There is no need to bring a team - everyone is welcome.

Forfar Tales - An Exciting New Venture for May 2011

On Tuesday 18 January 2011, the Society launched its latest project. In May 2011, it will present a brand new piece of theatre developed from the memories, stories and reminiscences of Forfar folk.

This exciting new venture is part funded by The Scottish Centre for Intergenerational Practice, which exists to promote contact between the generations.

The working title for the show is Forfar Tales. Over the next four months, members of the club, of all ages, will be working together and with their families and friends to create and rehearse a brand new script that will both entertain and bring new insights to actors and audiences.

In addition to all of the usual activities associated with bringing a show to the stage, Forfar Tales will involve club members in gathering stories, sharing memories, reflecting on past times, filming and writing.

There will also be some innovative approaches to producing the script. Already planned are:
  • a quiz that will test members' knowledge of the events, trends and developments of the 80 years that Forfar Dramatic Society has been around
  • a story cafe that will mix performance with storytelling and conversation in a cafe environment
Another initiative under active consideration is a Forfar Tales blog designed to make it possible for anyone that wants to be part of the project to do so. The idea here is that people will be able to share stories and keep in touch with each other online, opening up the possibility of former Forfar residents, past club members and visitors to the town being part of the project.

There are exciting times ahead for Forfar Dramatic Society. Keep your eyes on this site and local press for news of developments and information on ways that you can be involved in an ambitious theatre project.

Busy Year Gets Underway

A busy year for Forfar Dramatic Society will get underway on Tuesday 18 January, with the club's first meeting of 2011.

The meeting begins at 7.30pm and everyone is welcome.

The evening will mark the beginning of the Society's next project, Forfar Tales, which you can read more about on our current productions page.

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