Past Productions

Year  Production     
1930-31  The Grenadier  The Ambition of Annabella Stourie  The Woo' in O't   
1931-32 Lilies of the Field  Legend  Diplomacy and the Draughtsman   
1932-33  Yellow Sands       
1933-34  Paddy the Next Best Thing  Song of the Seal     
1935  The Last of Miss Cheyney  The Lonely of Heart  The Monk and the Miller   
1936  The Whole Town's Talking  The Dreamer  The Late Christopher Bean   
1937  The Ghost Train  His Own Country  The Golf Widow  Storm in a Teacup 
1938  Spring Tide  The Long Road to Garranbahar  What Would You Do  Let Go the Painter
1939  Peg O' My Heart       
1948  The New Baronet  In the Spring of the Year  Five to Five Thirty   
1949-52  The Lass Wi' the Tocher  It's Autumn Now  Queer Street  When We Are Married
  The Clinger  The Incident at Larnes  Love Lingers On  The House in Fern Road 
  The Chiltern Hundreds  Waltz Time  The World at your Fingertips  The Late Miss Cordell 
  Easy Money  The Paragon  Storm Island  Storm in a Loving Cup 
  Make 'em Blue  Sit Down a Minute, Adrian  Poison Pen   
1953  Mistress of Carse  No Return  Bachelors are Bold   
1954  The White Sheep of the Family To Love and To Cherish  Something in the Attic  Tomorrow's Vengeance 
  Bonaventure  Old Man's Castle     
1955  Shetland Yarn  Women Within Walls  Beneath the Wee Red Lums  Murder at the Vicarage 
1956  Dear Octopus  Tail of Fire  Dangerous Twilight   
1957  Book of the Month  The Hollow     
1958  Wild Goose Chase  The Failure  The Heiress   
1959  The Happiest Days of Your Life  Drumsheugh  The Holly and the Ivy   
1960 The Barrats of Wimpole Street  Master John Knox     
1961 Jeannie and the Queen  Queen Elizabeth Slept Here  I Remember Mama   
1962 Breath of Spring  Victoria Regina     
1963  Johnny Jouk the Gibbet  Our Town     
1964  The Bride and the Bachelor  A Letter from the General     
1965  Farfar Will Be Farfar Still  Festival Fever     
1966  Post Horn Gallop  The Shop at Sly Corner     
1967  The Importance of Being Earnest  Sabrina Fair     
1968  This Happy Breed  Guilty Party     
1969  Man Alive  Boeing Boeing     
1970  The Winslow Boy  Sailor Beware     
1971  Outward Bound  Spring and Port Wine     
1972  Busy Body  Rebecca     
1974  Night Must Fall  Goodnight Mrs Puffin     
1975  Dead on Nine       
1976  When We are Married  Cambusdonald Royal     
1977  Ladies in Retirement  The Linden Tree     
1978  And This Was Odd  Beside the Seaside     
1979  After Midnight, Before Dawn  There's Always Spring  The Patient in 4b  Keep in a Cool Place 
1980  Once Upon a Seashore  Red Spy at Night  Life Begins  Victoria Regina 
1981  Walk into my Parlour  Appointment with Death     
1982  Henry Hereafter  Bonaventure  Caught on the Hop   
1983  Murder at Deem House  The Day After the Fair     
1984  The Cage  Scots Wha Hae  Scarlet Ribbon   
1985  Who Calls  The Whustle  Something to Hide   

Year  Production   
  February/March  May November 
1986 Grooms Nicht Tag Match Men Should Weep
1987   Pink String and Sealing Wax Spare Parts
1988 The Dark Rainbow  Bedroom Farce The Militants 
1989   Peter Pan  Precarious Living 
1990  Conversations With a Golliwog  The Merry Monks of Cambusdonald  The Fifteen Streets 
1991  The Education of Meg
Lovers, Winners 
Mary Queen of Scots got her Head Chopped Off  The Communication Cord 
1992   The Nightingale and Not the Lark
Blood Brothers
1993    A Doll's House  Stepping Out 
1994  In Room 504
The Trial 
The Other Dear Charmer  Anne of Green Gables 
1995  Murphy's Law  Dancing at Lughnasa 3's Comedy -
Blue Remembered Hills
Last Tango in Little Grimley 

1996  Last Tango in Little Grimley  Sunset Song Our Day Out
1997  Can You Hear the Music?  The Steamie 
The White Bird Passes
1998  Close to Croydon  Up 'n' Under  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 
1999  Kids  Yellow on the Broom  Wyrd Sisters 
2000  Sunset Song (Act 2)  A View From the Bridge  Far Would We Be?
2001  Fallen Heroes  Neville's Island  In Holland Stands a House 
2002 Laundry and Bourbon  April in Paris  Season's Greetings 
2003   Same Old Moon  Cross Talk 
2004 Blue Remembered Hills  Tally's Blood  The Crucible 
2005 Out For The Count  Bondagers  Juno & The Paycock 
2006 Curses, Foiled Again
Orca the Goldfish 
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest  How the other Half Loves 
2007 Potholes
Five Kinds of Silence 
The Fields of Essendy  Alone It Stands 
2008 Knightsbridge
Death of a Salesman  Pack of Lies 
2009 Wakefield Second Shepherd's Pageant
The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (abridged)
'Allo 'Allo Tess of the D'Urbervilles 
2010 Casablanca
The Importance of Muffins
Arms and the Man The Admirable Crichton 
2011   Forfar Tales  Black Comedy
 2012 Tippers
The Anniversary
Whisky Galore
Three Men in a Boat
 The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged)
Things that go Bump in the Vine
 2013  Hogmanay
A Bolt from the Blue
David Copperfield Hound of the Baskervilles
Lilies on the Land
Its a Wonderful Life
 2014  The Factory Girls
The Window Cleaner

Moonlight & Magnolias

Ancestral Voices
The 39 Steps
 2015    The BFG  

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